How much does it take to hack a mobile network?
Is electronic government secure
in the era of WikiLeaks and Anonymous?

Is SCADA hacking a Hollywood fiction
or the nowadays reality?
Internet banking: is there any chance to win
over the fraudsters?

Cyber-crimes, cyber-espionage, cyber-war: where do we draw a borderline?


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hacking Contests at PHDays Everywhere

This year Positive Hack Days is held for the fourth time. As usual, not only those who will visit Moscow on May 21 and 22, but also the participants (and organizers!) of PHDays Everywhere from all over the world will be able to join the forum via their hackspaces!

PHDays Everywhere as well as CTF and the 2drunk2hack contest have easily blended in the forum. This year information security specialists will come together again in different cities and countries to watch PHDays live in the HD format, mix with each other and participate in various competitions.

Previously, PHDays Everywhere provided fascinating contests for hackspace attendees in addition to online competitions held among all Internet users, and this tradition will continue this year as well.


Online HackQuest, a contest organized by PentestIT, will be held as part of PHDays IV. All the participants of PHDays Everywhere will be able to try their hand at various information security tasks.

Participation Rules

Any Internet user is welcome to participate in HackQuest. Still PHDays Everywhere arranges a team event specifically for its visitors. To take part in the contest, each PHDays Everywhere hackspace needs a team formed of visitors, which will then compete with other teams.

The participants are provided with access to a site with tasks subdivided by type and difficulty level. If a team succeeds in solving a task, it receives a key (a flag) to be further submitted to the jury via a special form. If the flag is valid, it scores a number of points. A team that gains the highest score earlier than others is announced the HackQuest winner.

Teams can register on the official website. The contest will be held throughout Positive Hack Days. The winners will receive gifts from the forum organizers and PentestIT.

PHDays Quiz

All of us have seen quiz shows. Sure, we have! Who doesn't want to compare their knowledge with game players’? It is very entertaining, that is why we are putting up our own PHDays Quiz as part of PHDays Everywhere. Its participants will be able to check their knowledge in different information technology and security areas.

Participation Rules

The rules are as simple as ABC. There are several types of questions (information security history, well-known hacking attacks, hacking humor, etc.) to be answered and points scored for correct answers (the harder a question is, the more points you score). Try to answer as many questions as possible. A person scoring the biggest number of points will become the winner and receive cool prizes from the organizers.

Best Blog Article

Hackspace visitors' online and offline battles are all wonderful. However, unique PHDays Everywhere events wouldn't take place but for the people who take charge of organizing hackspaces in their cities. It is a heap of work and we believe the world must know its heroes. That is why PHDays IV will hold a blogger contest among hackspace organizers.

Participation Rules

Write an article about your PHDays hackspace to take part in the contest. All the details are important: how it was organized, what difficulties you had to overcome, who visited your hackspace on May 21 and 22, what activities were planned – practically a full report on the event. Of course, photos and videos from the scene are all welcome.

The competition will take two weeks from May 21 to June 5. Post your report to any blog (don't forget to specify your name!) and then share the link with the hashtag #PHDContest on Twitter — that is how we will track your post.

Each article that complies with the rules will be retweeted by official accounts #PHDays (@phdays for English posts and @phdays_ru for Russian ones). Then we will count other users' retweets, post links to all the competitive articles to PHDays blog, and ask our readers to vote. The author of the most voted for and the most retweeted post will be announced the winner to receive prizes from the organizers.

PHDays Everywhere will go far beyond these contests for sure — each hackspace will arrange their own battles. Keep up with the news and see you at Positive Hack Days!


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