How much does it take to hack a mobile network?
Is electronic government secure
in the era of WikiLeaks and Anonymous?

Is SCADA hacking a Hollywood fiction
or the nowadays reality?
Internet banking: is there any chance to win
over the fraudsters?

Cyber-crimes, cyber-espionage, cyber-war: where do we draw a borderline?


Friday, June 22, 2012

For those who missed the PHDays CTF 2012 legend...

A fragment from the President’s address to group 1, sector 33, dome 7.
Living People! There are very few of us and we’re getting fewer day by day. The nature is pressing us, the Monsters are hunting us. Our enemies from neighboring domes try to get hold of our farms every day. The way things are going, there will be no Living People in 20 years. That is what the scientists say. And I believe them! What about you? I’m sure you do.
But don’t get into despair! Things are not hopeless. The recent expedition found the records of Dr. Pavlov written during the years of the End. The documents contain data on the Circuli vitae project. This can save the Earth! All project materials are stored on the orbit satellites of the Potato corporation. The key to the real life is there. The key to our salvation!
Living People! Your group must at all costs access Circuli Vitae. Reach these bloody satellites! Win the Earth’s life back. You are our last hope! You are the hope of all Living People!
Be careful, I beg you! Our enemies are aware of Circuli Vitae and are desperately striving for it. We must be the first to obtain it! We must be the first to launch it! Who knows what the others can do with this power, the power that was subdued by Dr. Pavlov two hundred years ago.

Good Luck!

Control over Combat Satellites Is Restored
Our scientists have managed to restore control over combat satellites, which was lost three months ago as a result of an attack of a giant bald mutant pigeon. Now maintaining peace and order in the City will be more efficient. Furthermore, we will be able to pay mutants and enemy Cities back for those numerous victims, which we suffered during the period, when we were deprived of the satellites.

Circuli Vitae access codes have been obtained 

Hi, descendant!

I’m guessing since you found me you’re in a big trouble. Well, it was to be expected. Here are access codes to Circuli Vitae ( Yep, yep, I know, what you’ve been searching for so long is right here.

You’ve got 3 hours to the end of the world. The last battle of Living People. But Circuli Vitae will bring you back to when it all started... You can start from scratch. And maybe even hope for a better end...
Circuli Vitae will be activated in 3 hours. It will take another 20 minutes to create a time portal. And then you will choose whether you want to press the red button or just leave it as it is. It’s your call.

Oh, I almost forgot. Other Cities will be trying to 'help' you. You are good friends, aren’t you?
Pavlov, PhD. The Moon, Skolkovo, 2048.

Management Center Upgrade 
We are happy to inform you that the Management Center web server has been transferred to a new software platform. The software was kindly provided by the Raspberry Pony cantina. Raspberry Pony - No. 1 in handling stolen goods on the planet*.

*in the opinion of Raspberry Pony's visitors 

Teleport Is Swiched to the Speed-up Mode 
Due to the treacherous act of sabotage commited yesterday by enemy infiltrators, our stock of genetically clean seeds has been diminished. The Teleportation Machine is turned to run at full capacity to restore justice and replenish the storages by means of seeds from other Cities.

The Circuli Vitae System Is Activated
Living People! The next 20 minutes are likely to be the last moments, which we will spend in darkness, famine and struggle for survival. The Circuli Vitae system is activated already, the Time Portal will be opened in 20 minutes. Say good bye to three-tailed kittens and violet grass! Let's create a new future for the sake of Life!

Here we go!

Then there was time traveling at night...

And the second day broke out...

Summary of the first part

Second day legend

The Group of Twelve. That was how the people in the know called Potato Corporation. In fact, it was an association of independent companies. Manufacturers of genetically-modified organisms decided to join forces with only one goal in mind: to promote transgenes. They established a single media holding and the Potato umbrella brand. The brand was meant to cover leading manufacturers of genetically modified organisms from around the world.
Even though they acted as if they were one but they actually had their issues and competed against each other. Potato companies constantly fought for markets, technologies and lead scientists. There were times when the latent competition evolved into outright conflicts. Corporate wars raged in the real world and in the cyberspace.
Former Greenpeace members founded PHD (Potato Haters Division), an extreme group, also known as Solanine or just the Green, undermined the authority of Potato top-managers. Headed by well-known hacker eV-D, the best hackers and soldiers attacked the corporation posting secret data on the Web and destroying genetic farms.
Having returned back to 2048, Living People integrated into the management of the Group of Twelve doing their best to stop the bulky Potato system on its way to the disaster. The disaster that will destroy the entire civilization.

Good Luck!

Pneumatic Mail System's Security Controls Are Enhanced 
Due to becoming increasingly commonplace cases of using the pneumatic mail system for employees' personal advantage (like love correspondence, garage selling, discussing of serials and managers' salary), a decision has been made to enhance information security measures for the system. Implementing of additional security controls is not related with the spread rumours, that a secret laboratory, where combat mutants and lethal viruses are being created, supposedly exists wihin the Potato company. The primary aim of Potato is delicious potato on your tables. 

Potato has become a bank owner
Today PHDays I-Bank and Potato have signed a contract, according to which the bank becomes Potato's property. The deal will allow our company to control its accounts and fund flows independently. Company's finances will be under reliable protection of Potato security service employees, who have strong qualifications and huge experience. In 3 hours acceptance testing will be started, after which the systems of I-Bank will be put into operation.

Attention! The intelligence services have obtained information about a massive attack on the group’s financial infrastructure being prepared by the Green (see Supplement 1).
In order to mitigate the probable damage, I hereby order to take all possible measures to ensure security of the Potato system.
The detailed technical information is provided in Supplement 2.
Note: At 5 p. m. (Moscow time), the testing systems are scheduled to switch to the production mode; for the period from 5 p. m. to 6 p. m. (Moscow time), the systems will not be available.
Pr. Anisimis, President of Potato.

Supplement 1. Order v35310. Operation $natch.
According to the information gained during Operation Pneumo, all enemy groups are planning to combine their financial assets. This move makes the further fight impossible. There is nothing we can do against the consolidated power of the Group of Twelve.
The task for the Cerberus group: obtain control over the enemy’s accounts and withdraw all the money from the banking system. The expected attack time is 6 p. m. (Moscow time).
Task for the battle groups: block access to Potato’s premises for the time of the operation. Destroy the premises in response to the signal from the Cerberus group.
Today is our last chance. It is now or never.
eV-D root@phdays.ctf

Potato's Sites Have Suffered a Hacker Attack 
Dear users! We apologise for temporary availability of Potato's web sites. Necessary security controls have been implemented. The incident investigation is being performed.The company's management finds the fact that the attack was conducted soon after the launch of the innovative Potato product "super-slices Glatter" to be suspicious. It is not impossible, that the originator of the hacking is one of Potato's competitors, who is unable to bring potato of such size to the market. 

Potato Employyes Will Get Access to the Lab No. 1337 
Due to numerous publications in the press besmirching a good name of Potato, the company management considers as its duty to to demolish these ridiculous rumours. For this purpose an independent group of Potato employees will get temporary access to the Lab No. 1337 and will provide the public with a report, which will let you receive evidence that the publications in mass media are nothing else but wild speculation and intrigues of competitors. 

The Acceptance Inspection of I-Bank Is Started 
The President of Potato himself is attending the acceptance inspection of I-Bank electronic banking systems, which were improved by  Potato security service employees after previous owners. "The acquisition of an own bank is an important step for the company. I guarantee that we will bring the system in operation in an hour, because, on the one hand, I'm leaving to have a massage in an hour, and on the other hand, in case of appearance of troubles in payment transactions, those who are guilty will be fired, haha!" - the President commented.

Potato Has Completely Shifted to Settlements Processing Through I-Bank
The I-Bank systems are put in operation. Starting from today all payment transactions of the Potato company (from employyes' salary accounting to donation remittance to the welfare fund "Mrs Haggish's 137th Plastic Surgery") will be performed only through I-Bank.

"There is no force no money and no power. To stop us now." (c) Sergey Gordeychik (


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